“Some people carry their baggage with them;
I carry my cork screw.”

Throughout the course of the last decade or so, since the days of close to nothing interesting happening while growing up in rural small town America, I’ve had the good fortune to have experienced an awful lot. From meeting some of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing, to meeting some absolutely aggravating and/or terrifying people from which I’ve been running ever since – from escaping the hometown mentality, to living places I could’ve never imagined just ten years ago – from experiencing some of the greatest loves and losses of my lifetime, to the often shrugged off but hilarious experiences of intimacy that they never tell you about in the movies – I’ve never had a problem with answering the door when life knocks, with taking risks that I knew were stupid, or with trying my absolute best to make every mistake I possibly could so I could learn from it and live to tell the tale. This is how I began to grow and develop.

Some of the pieces of content you’ll find here are works of non-fiction, actual stories that I’ve lived through and those in my life have found funny enough that they thought they should be told. Some of what you’ll find here is downright fiction, works of humor born of my bizarre psyche. All of what you’ll find here, above all, has an element of comedy about it, whether readily apparent or not.

This is an experiment, more of a place for me to put everything I write, really. There’s no set format, no ideal audience, and no real goal in mind that I hope to achieve by putting my writing here. Let’s just see where it goes, eh?


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