The Trouble With Crashing On Couches

May 24, 2006

For those of you who know me well, you know that I never really know where I’m going to end up sleeping on any given night. Save for some brief time spent having my own place in Dobbs Ferry and a separate one later on in Astoria, I’ve pretty much spent the last six years of my life living on couches and going on wayward musician adventures that will one day be the death of me. I have some very supportive and fun friends to thank for that.

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The Only Reason to Truly Become Abstinent

November 2006 – April 2007

Shortly after my 20th birthday, I found myself working two dead-end jobs at a mall in Rockland, NY. One of the jobs, my primary one, was at a music venue and restaurant on the fourth floor, and the other was working daytime weekday hours at the small laser tag and arcade establishment on the outskirts of the food court. The laser tag job was pretty easy, and really allowed me to develop my customer service skills; however, it did provide a little hint of comical irony that still gives me a chuckle from time to time.

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Why I Now Know to Listen to My Body When It Tries to Tell Me Something

May 2008

When my former band, Sarah’s Redemption, had finally gotten what would be the most prominent lineup it would ever know together and began the recording process for “The Dreamer’s Gene” in Purchase, I started to become very hell-bent on getting myself back into shape again, knowing that we would be performing a lot more often. At the time, I had pretty much never idolized anyone as much as I did 2002-2003 era Adam Lazarra, in the days when he was actually young, in shape, and didn’t look and sound like a total tool on stage. I strived to mimic that portion of his career, which meant working off the 40-or-so pounds of beer and french fries I’d acquired being out of the music scene throughout the previous winter, so I started doing some serious running.

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The Great Blender Fiasco of 2001

July 12, 2001

Not unlike many of my fellow brethren who were raised in the strip of land just North of the city known as The Rivertowns, which included Hastings-on-Hudson, Dobbs Ferry, Ardsley, and Irvington, I was introduced to the world of debauchery and extremely excessive drinking at a very early age. Having had a sister who was exactly four years older than I was throughout the entire course of my middle school experience, I basically witnessed, and sometimes part took in, an entire “dry run” of high school before I could even call myself a freshman. My mom used to work late hours, sometimes overnight shifts at the hospital, which used to force my sister into babysitting some weekends, and what happens when you take an extremely outgoing socialite and force her to watch and care for her younger brother on weekends in the summer time during the height of her social butterfly behavior? Creativity.

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John vs. The Garbage Truck (The Worst Summer Job Ever)

June – August, 2004

I’ve had some pretty crappy jobs in my life: employee of the Zaro’s bakery in the bowels of the Cross County Shopping Center in Yonkers (for about 2 hours before losing it and quitting by blowing up on a problem customer), spending a summer mucking shit and tossing hay at my father’s horse farm upstate, or waiting tables at an ill-prepared and understaffed entertainment venue and frequently getting sat with a 60 person section all at once. No job, however, has ever been quite as bad as the summer I spent working for the local Department of Public Works in my hometown of Hastings-on-Hudson, NY.

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Why Weighing Options Doesn’t Always Work Out

Labor Day Weekend, September 2010

Every year, Labor Day comes around and everyone I know makes a thousand different plans on every opposite end of the spectrum, then all proceed to act surprised and shocked when I’m not able to make all of them. This past year was the first year I can recall in a long time that I literally had absolutely nothing to do… yet.

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