San Francisco Native Visits New York, Almost Instantly Regrets Decision

October 2014

It takes a special kind of person to live and work in New York City, especially if you’ve never lived there. I’m never surprised when I meet someone who came to The Big Apple from another part of the country under the illusion that it is as glorified as Hollywood tends to make it, only to find out the horrible truth that no, you can’t simply hop on the subway from the Upper East Side and be in Brooklyn in five minutes, or live in a lavish penthouse apartment on an entry-level salary, or afford to have a massive entire closet dedicated to top shelf designer clothes and shoes. Girls who are fresh out of college in their early twenties who grew up watching shows like Gossip Girl or Sex & the City are usually the biggest offenders of this disillusion, but they’re not the only ones.

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The Job Interview… with a Happy Ending?

January 2007

Before I landed my current job a few years back, ending my 6 month long search for legitimate employment that didn’t involve working two dead end jobs in a local mall, I went on a series of terribly awkward and ridiculously uneventful job interviews. Most of them, not surprisingly, were relatively tame and boring and carried the same standard questions – “John, what do you believe your strongest qualities are?”, “Do you consider yourself to be a team player?”, “Mr. Black, have you been drinking?”, etc – but one interview in particular proved to be one of the funniest experiences of my life to date.

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